Internet Explorer 8

To be honest I love FF now, I have been using it for about 2 months and it is loads better than IE.

The only reason I downloaded IE8 was to see how my websites cope with it, thought I may as well get any bugs ironed out now before they release the stable version on new PC's.
yeah, good move that really.

I too was unsure of FF when i first gave it a go, but now I can't do without it. Every other browser is playing catch up on FF if you ask me.
I didn't even know IE8 was in beta. Looking forward to it though as it should build on the stability of IE7. :)
Beta 2 now, however, FAAAAAAAAAAR from stable at the moment. Almost finished sorting my website display issues and will revert back to IE7 & FF3, for the time being anyway.

If anybody is interested, if your website doesn't display 100% perfect when 8 is released and you don't want to employ somebody to fix the problems. Add the following code just beneath your <head> tag on EVERY page, basically it just emulates IE7.

<!-- Use IE7 mode -->
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />
I've been playing with IE8 over the past few days and it has crashed three times on my so far.

Has anyone had a go with Chrome, by Google?
I've had a go on Chrome, it was faster than IE, and about the same as FF.

Nice clean look with some nice little touches.

I've read though that it is using software similar to PHORM so I've stopped using it until that is clarified.
What's PHORM?

tut tut.

Don't you read the news ;)

BadPhorm - When good ISPs go bad!: Welcome

It basically tracks your web browsing and delivers targeted advertising based on what you are interested in. Folk are up in arms as this breaches privacy laws.

BT, Virgin & Talk Talk were going to integrate it without telling its customers but someone got wind of it and it hit the news. People are saying customers should be asked if they want to sign up to it rather than them just implementing it.
I don't even touch IE anymore, been using firefox for 2 years now. If I go to a clients house and give their computer a health check I install Firefox on there for them as well.
I've been using Internet Explorer since about 1996 when it was shipped with Windows 95, as version 4

I've been quite happy with it's over all performance, until version 7
As a result I went back to version 6
I waited a further few months, reinstalled version 7 and although RC1 was more stable I encountered other issues

As a result I have no intention of upgrading to version 8 on this machine running Windows XP

However, the laptop I have with Vista works fine with both version 7 and 8 of IE
I already have both on my computer
I can't see any difference in performance between all three
However, I do notice a difference between two identical machines at work
One has Windows XP and IE7, the other has Red Hat Linux and FireFox, and everyone avoids the Linux machine as it is dreadfully slow!