Installing updates - sneaky beggars!


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Getting really annoyed at large companies who issue an update for software - you get a notification to update the software. No problem. Then it has pre-ticked other software to install.

Adobe do this with updating Acrobat Reader where they ask if you want to install another anti-virus program.

I just updated Java on the computer and it changed my search engine to

I understand they are probably sponsored by these and it's part of the package - but surely Java and Adobe have enough cash without being associated to these things.

It boils my blood!
My other half - technically fearless but a bit less savvy than she might be - has a computer loaded with add-on/pre-ticked software. All you can do is make sure you read through all of the steps during installation to look out for all the crap they want to bundle in. Some of it can be a nightmare to get rid of.
In this instance I clicked "Do not install" and I opened up my web browser this morning and the home page was changed.
My phone has been trying to get me to apply an update for months. Every time I look, it's just pre-installed Bloatware that I will never use, and can't remove without rooting my system and voiding my warranty (apparently).