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Hope you don't mind me using my first post to ask a question, but I'm having trouble installing a Type 1 font. I recently bought and downloaded a font, expecting it to be a simple matter of placing it in the Windows Font folder. However, it has both .pfb and .amf file extensions. The website I purchased it from said that I needed Adobe Type Manager, but this is incompatible with Windows 64-bit OS. Is there a solution to this?
Type 1 is a very odd format to be buying fonts in. Are you sure there isn't an alternative download? I bought one the other day the offered type 1 true type and open type.

My understanding of type 1 is that it's an adobe design, so grab the type manager i guess....but i'd be looking for a refund if its that much hassle.
The Type Manager is incompatible with Windows 7 64-bit unfortunately. Do you know of any other program that might do the same task?
I'd suggest you download ATM, or the Linotype font manager if they're still available or even better Suitcase which should be able to handle fonts of this type. You might also find a font conversion tool online somewhere if you can't find an alternative. I have a vague memory that Fontographer can convert fonts between formats - although you might want to check licensing restrictions before going down that road.

With OSX if the system or Suitcase doesn't support a PC font, dumping it straight into the Indesign/fonts folder (Or whichever Adobe product) will usually work as it has its own independent font system. I don't know if that might also work the other way round, but it might be worth trying.
Thanks! I managed to find a converter - turned out it was a free online one, which saved me a huge hassle as it could do all the work online and provide you with an immediate download. All the others I tried were incompatible or not intuitive to the point of frustration.

Free Online Font Converter

^ If anyone had the same issue. Thanks for all your help!