Instagram, anybody?

I've just started using it and still trying to get my head around it.

Haha, it gets easier! I think it's a good way to connect and get feedback on your work, I found my very first customer via Instagram, it helped me realise I can make money doing something I actually enjoy, creating logos and album art etc.
Yes. Basically you can search for different artists or different hash tags for example #graphicdesign #logodesigner.. And it will bring up all the related posts you can get inspiration from, comment and like. You can also upload your own work using hash tags to reach a wider audience.

I'd say the only bad side is that people can copy your work, but atm I'm struggling getting my work out there so this is an option I have chosen.
I just retrospectively added some #'s to a few of my posts and instantly likes are like "pop, pop, pop"! :D

Nice one @FLYERLOGOS !

I'm going to use this gif again because it was still on my clipboard! :D

Hash tags are like magic, glad your getting the hang of it, what's your Instagram user name I want to make sure I'm following you back
I think you are but it's onyascotty just in case.

I never understood before and I'm like SO down wid da kids now! :D
Yes I'm just checking out your work, loving it! The quality is amazing.

I believe Instagram and other social media's can have such a big impact on everything nowadays. You can reach out to a wider audience, people on the other side of the world in seconds. I hope it brings your lots of success!
Mate! I really appreciate that.
I've read articles that waffle on and I never grasped it but I kind of do now.

Speaking of social media, are you on Dribbble?