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Rich T

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Hi All,

I have worked as a designer for several years in the past but had a break from it to look after my child however I recently started working again as a designer for a University. I am designing flyers/posters/borochures etc.

Does anyone have any recomondations for inspiration?

The type of sites or blogs I would be looking for would be quite corporate looking but not too rigid or formal.

Many thanks :icon_smile:

I tend to use Pinterest to find inspiration now. I find many blogs simply regurgitate the same 'inspiration' or comprise of quickly cobbled together posts that aren't that inspirational. The beauty of Pinterest and other such sites is you may find something that you find inspirational, that isn't tagged under a certain genre or blog post title.
Thanks Paul. I do us Pinterest and it is great but maybe not for what in looking for, or maybe I'm not using it right.

Anything else?

Many thanks
I use stumbleupon - sometimes you come across interesting graphic design pieces/articles. Plus it's a good way to waste a few hours on the interweb.