Inspiration : Mobile App


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Hi Everyone i am looking for Inspiration for my Mobile app
it has 3 pages i will put them for you to see i am facing a problem in my third page for i should display an image , title , terms , text field and finally two buttons
the problem is i can create anything but i can't really find or think of what will really make the app fascinating
the main idea is a collapsible card that shows the image and the title and when the user click it it expands and show him the rest of the items (terms , text field, two buttons)
first page
second page
third page which is empty right now

please inspire me and if you have any animation ideas for the first ,second or third page please share them with me

what i want : inspiration for the last page design , animation ideas and any enhancement on the first and second page
I can't read what I assume is arabic writing so I have no idea what it's for.

We also don't do 'work for you', we're happy to critique etc but we're not going to do the design side of things for you, unless of course you want to hire someone.
the first page is talking about companies and the second one talks about categories basically
anyway, i didn't mean that you should design for me i meant just if you have seen an app or website that has the same fields as mine just share a picture of it so that i might get the idea , improve it , implement it
Consider implementing an engaging and smooth animation for the collapsible card expansion, use vibrant colors and captivating imagery, incorporate subtle microinteractions, opt for user-friendly icons and custom fonts, and ensure clear calls-to-action. For professional execution, consult with a reputable mobile app development company.