Inspiration help?

I really need help here. Call it writers block but I am all out of inspiration. So the client gave me a word document showing a rough idea of the design he wanted. I then designed it up. (Attached picture "Word concept" LEFT, My Design RIGHT). I have attached his critique below but in my head I just cant work out how it will look, any help would be appreciated!



For the PRODUCT AVENUE logo, would you please create some concepts around my Brief, both on a New York street sign and free floating as just words on the left hand corner of the page. I like the font I have chosen in the Brief but welcome any suggestions on font choices.


As per my Brief, I prefer actual street sign pictures/photos from NY rather than ones that are created. We don't like them on the pole but free floating or like the pics in the Brief. Can you show me some variations please."

Like I said, any help would be appreciated. Just pointers please :):icon_smile: