Innovative natural stone supply logo concept for critique

Hi Guys,

I am currently in the middle of creating a new identity for a supplier of innovative natural stone, and i have attached my latest concept for critique. Heres a little bit about the company, the brief i was handed and my thinking.

The client has asked that a design be created that combines a corporate feel with a creative vibrancy and something that is different to others within the industry. They have also asked that the strong lines, vibrant colours and clear geometric shapes from the products are also reflected in the design.
The client also wants a letter form mark that is dynamic across different aspects of the brand, and that can work alone with out brand name as they look to the future with mobile apps in mind.

From research gathered i have found the company has a set of 3 core principles in place that are the foundations for each of the 6 facets/products it specializes in. This helped me with choosing the geometric shapes used in my design.
In terms of structural engineering the triangle is the strongest shape because it is the only flex cornered polygon that holds its shape, therefore it alone accounts for all structural shaping in the universe, and is the single most perfect geometric shape. 2 points that represent the product perfectly. Strong, durable and stylistically innovative.

A field of these modules, or cluster of triangles together forms a greater whole, telling a story of strength in numbers also creating a mosaic of diversity. This is symbolic of the vast range of natural stone products available to the customer.

With this in mind i have opted to create a series of logos that will all sit under a parent letter form mark of L for the comapny name.

Please let me know your thoughts,


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Neat thinking and nice execution but the weakest part to my eyes is the main logo - I'm looking for something in it and not really seeing a strong 'L'. I think you might get almost as good an 'L' if you were to just make a hexagon and slightly offset the top-right segment. Also, although the thinking is sound, I'd consider losing the part of the stone steps device which extends outside the hexagonal frame - the concept would be largely retained and I think it would give you a stronger set if they all sat within the same basic footprint.

Nice job, though - that's the overall message from me.
Morning Guys,

I have added more products to the range. The steps have become part of the bespoke range following conversations with the client.
Commercial and architectural projects is a new addition and live is a online interactive community website the client will be adding where people can come to get information and support in the supply and installation of natural stone products.
Live will be a separate part of the business away from the original products of the company, but still has 6 facets at its core giving the ideal opportunity to carry on the consistent visual identity.
1 Inspiration 2 Creativity
3 Advice 4 Support
5 Knowledge 6 The people

Again all comments are welcome and appreciated

Thanks for all your comments guys, but i have hit a brick wall - the client.

I have submitted two designs i have been working on over the last month, for the brief mentioned earlier in this post.
If i am been brutally honest with myself the first concept is bad, not something i would want in my portfolio nor does it match the brief looking back.
I feel as if the second has a lot more potential as i look to develop touch points for the client etc...
But the client has chosen the first at this stage as his preferred option, he is currently showing the 2 concepts to other business partners before coming back to me.

How can i convince him that the second is abetter choice all round, and should i even attempt this if the design isn't doing it for me, or am i too attached to the second concept.

Attached below are the 2 logo marks i have made and a link to a previous thread on this topic. Please view all the image in this thread beforehand,

Cheers guys all help at this stage is truly appreciated!!!

Previous thread,

The second version blows the first out of the water. In regards to dealing with the client, I think you just have to try and utitlise your powers of persuasion.

You could try mocking them both up and developing the touch points, then, maybe your second design will glow while the other one will potentially just stand and look like every other logo? (not a harsh C&C, but that's what you want to do I guess, highlight the others uses/overall better quality while showing the original idea just isn't as good).
Yeah I totally agree with you tony and the comments that have come from my peers.

Looks lik a bank holiday weekend stuck in front of the computer, just hope the client see's sense.
... Attached below are the 2 logo marks i have made and a link to a previous thread on this topic. Please view all the image in this thread beforehand,

Cheers guys all help at this stage is truly appreciated!!!

Previous thread,

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Have to say I can understand the client's response based purely on the logo; as I said earlier, you have a really good, well-developed, expandable concept for the second version but the logo at the head of them creates a bit of an awkward shape... If it were me, I'd still look into a third version based on v2 but bringing it all back within the hexagonal footprint.