Inking around sketches -sexy linework


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Hi guys, new here. I'm trying to revisit illustration and I want to do it this time in Illustrator. So my method would be sketch something out, scan it and ink around using the pen tool. I have a graphics tablet but seem to have difficulty using this. Whats the best method for getting those crisp, clean organic lines around characters and objects. Is it just a case of a sick amount of time going over and over and tweaking the lines via the anchor points?

I'm not the best in the world with the pen tool but im getting there.

Cheers in advance

If the scan is of a high quality with clean, crisp areas of tone you can sometimes get good (quick) results using the live trace feature. Personally I use the pen tool 99% of the time as the LT can get a bit confused, while my hand-eye combo is less easily fooled. Practice, practice, practice, you'll soon be whizzing aroud images with the pen like a pro.
Cheers Ozwaldo - Looks like i'll have to put in the hours if i want the rewards. Good job I enjoy staring at a screen and playing with anchor points then.
Weird, that's actually what I've just been doing the past hour and a bit, using the pen tool and a quick photo of a sketch.