Infographics the fundamentals !


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Hi there, question to you all , I am foundation student currently studying graphic design who needs advice.
I am currently about to start a project which requires infographics, but as my primary research I need to find out
what current designers would consider are the fundamentals to infographics and any tips which could aid my work.

Any replies are much appreciated :)
Probably some good stuff in that article, but from my point of view, the whole point of info-graphics, is a way of visually showing information, stats, numbers etc... in a clear, informative and creative fashion instead of typical text and charts you'd find in MS Word/Publisher.
I'd say simplicity and legibility. As Arrivals says, it's about making a lot of information easy to digest visually.
... and it's also nice when there's a clear visual idea connecting the overall image and the content; a good infographic should be more than the sum of its parts.
There are many online sites that can help you make an infographic and also there are many templates that you can choose according to your theme.