Infographic Feedback


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Hi. I got my results from my final year design project which I failed. I am awaiting feedback from my supervisor as I have to re-submit it but I want to gauge other people's opinions on my work.

My project theme was to help educate children about exercise and how important this was. I have attached my finished infographic in this post. I would appreciate any feedback and don't hold back, I can take criticism.
Sorry to hear about your results.

With regards to the infographic, I'd suggest perhaps sticking to a single typeface, and rather than using images/clipart, I'd create a single colour vector of each thing to keep a theme running throughout. Something like this - What Makes Me, Me » Katherine Smith
The problem with this is that you have too much stuff in too many different styles and nothing unifying it other than your subject matter: it's infographic (singular) and this should be your guiding principle. There are also numerous instances where the fact and the accompanying image don't really make an awful lot of sense on quite a basic level (e.g. the activities of one in three children represented by four identical bikes). I think if you stop trying to source images and start thinking about creating them to fit your requirements you'll find that some much better graphic ideas occur to you (you'll also have much more control over the overall design).
Nice idea, but i would tend to agree with other comments sticking to the rules of thumb and keeping font usage to minimum. There is alot of information to get across maybe using simple illustrations would make the piece easier on the eye. vector graphics would work really well, just basic colour filled shapes.
As others have said, too many fonts and colours, no layout grid and definitely too many different illustrations.

To help with a definite colour theme and give more cohesion to the design, why don't you try to illustrate it all yourself. Even if you can't draw too well, have a go at doing them yourself
in a hand-drawn, even stick-man style, limit your colours or even monotone. You'll be surprised how much better it will look.
It all looks a bit busy to me. Either keep to one colour theme, or have a theme for each of the 'sections'

Your graphics need to provide info a bit like the '1 in 3 and 2 in 3 obesity' ones do (although I'm not sure why you portray adults and children with the same graphic). For instance, what have the football and basketball got to do with obesity rates tripling? and how does a picture of 2 balls help get the message of 'tripling' over. This comment is true for most of the images. So, for example, instead of the graph you have on the top right, could have a line of children, progressively getting fatter with dates on their chest (the children would be an illustration rather than a photo, a simple coloured silhouette for instance).