Infographic Critique


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Hey all, first time posting on the forums, thought I would start with a little critique.
I am currently torn between a white on black version of my infographic and a black on white version.

A little bit of info on the infographic:

The infographic is about the top 40 most played albums in my media player.
I was trying to get a kinda of subwoofer look with the design of the graph itself, so when viewed in full with the rest of the poster it would look like a speaker.
The inforgraphic was designed around being printed as an A2 poster.

This critique is mostly in regards to which version you prefer but general feedback is also welcome.

Thank you!

black on white
white on black
Black on White for me, as I like how it gives off that whole new Sonos design speaker effect when scrolling the mouse. Although somewhat irrelevant as it is for an A2 poster, but still, I definitely prefer the overall look of black on white more. It resembles a speaker more too.

Welcome to the forums btw!
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I'm going for black on white as well.
Is there any chance you could add a touch of colour, something bright'ish perhaps?

Apart from deciding the colour combinations, this is good work! :thumb: