InDesign - Overset Text, can't detach?


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This is my first time.

I'm the unpaid editor of a quarterly magazine. I've attended a two-day training in InDesign.

I've just completed the latest mag but got an error message: Overset Text p21. I've found the fault. Don't see how it happened but a report that I've successfully pasted-in has attached itself to another story. When I click the red box it shows the report in full is ready to paste – but I want rid of it. How do I detach it?

Thats because you need to have all of your text within one text box.

If you want to continue adding content to your columns from one article you need to click on the Blue arrow on the bottom right hand side before the text oversets. Once you have done this you then need to click on the area that you wish to continue the article and the text will continue to flow.

You have the overset text warning because there is more text in your text boxes than is visible.
Hi Toppers.
I get your advice and I know it makes sense. Normally, when I'm laying up the pages, I can deal with hiccups like this but I've finished layup and I want to just cut out the overset text. Is there no way I can do that?
Yes, but stretching-out the boxes and manually deleting the unwanted text.

What's the name of your magazine? I'm intrigued.