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When exporting from Indesign as a PDF is there any way you can reduce the document size in the pdf presets??

I have a A4 document set up but need a version of the file that is scaled down to 96% of the original for an inset in a magazine.

Currently I am exporting as a pdf - then dropping the pdf onto a reduced size document and then re-pdf'ing.
Not that I'm aware of. Is it possible to print to pdf and scale during that process? If it's going in a magazine, can't they scale it at their end? Otherwise, make another page in the indesign document, grab everything, group it, scale it and export that one instead. I've always thought it would be a good feature to have when exporting pdfs.
In the print dialogue box under 'setup' there is a scaling option - have you tried that?

(see attached screen shot)


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That's the way I'd do it. Then if you're concerned about filesize, do the usual. Save as postscript at scaled size, then stick it through distiller.