InDesign CS3 table problems!


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Hi anyone please help!
Why on earth won't the table I've created on 1 page run over to the next page once I've clicked on the continuance (bottom right of the frame) tab? I'm not that experienced yet and tables is the one thing that I'm still struggling with!
I am using InDesign CS3
thanks for any help at all...
I've just tried it in Indesign 2 & 4 and it worked fine. You click on the red+ and then go to your next page and click again where you want it, yes?

If you're not doing that what are you doing?
hello kate thanks, I don't think that it's the software, I'm pretty sure it's me :(
am still struggling to work with tables !!!
Just to make sure it's not any bug in this document, I opened up a new one and did a new dummy table, adding dummy text until the left hand column 'bust'. So I clicked on the red box, and then selected the top of the next page where I wanted to place the extra bit of box. But rather than continue the text from where it left off, it's duplicated the whole left page box, so that the original text starts again from the top of page 2.
Sorry, it's difficult to explain this without visuals and you're probably scratching your head thinking 'eh?'. I appreciate your efforts though, I think I need to show it on screen to someone, am sure it is something minor and then I'll be fine :)
I think you're right you just need someone to show you . . . you seem to be doing the right thing! Open the window and shout help!! Hopefully you can find someone nearby who can help.