In need of a new portfolio (case that is)


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Hi all,

I'm looking for a new portfolio case, A3 format. I had an interview at a recruitment agency recently and the guy I met said the traditional black format folders are old hat now. I'm wondering where I can get something a bit more modern, and unique. I found a site on the web where they made aluminium cases, not cheap but I thought what the heck. If I'm going to revamp it then do it properly. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a reply.

So if anyone knows of any other outlets that do 'cool' portfolio cases I'd appreciate any help.


you can get great 'modern' portfolios by PINA ZANGARO - the only place i think you an get them is from 'cowling and wilcox' in london, but they have a website and take online orders. an a3 is about £90 i think but they are so worth it, look really professional, ive had many compliments on mine.

or if you know someone off to america get them to pick you one up - they are alot cheaper, and with the exchange rate its about £60-£70 this is where i got mine from. I have the brushed aluminium which i think are slightly more but they do wooden ones etc.

hope this helps.