In House, Junior web designer - Buckinghamshire


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We're a small and vibrant creative agency on the outskirts of London with a dynamic and varied client list.

We specialise in print media and advertising but we're constantly being asked to produce web based media as well.
Usually websites and html emails, but also mobile apps, video content etc.

Traditionally we use out of studio suppliers to complete these jobs - after they've been designed with flat screens in studio.
However the amount we currently require means that it is now more cost effective to start to build an in house web team.

We're not after a web guru with years of experience, but a junior with a flair and passion for design, that can also build a website (build mind you, not design).
And knows enough about wordpress, CSS, and other things that baffle us, to be confident enough to take on a few projects and learn even more.

However if you are a web guru with years of experience please feel free to contact us, it's just that the salary may not represent your experience, to begin with anyway.

Also, very importantly, if you don't know where Beaconsfield is I wouldn't bother applying, it's a small, but lovely town with not many travel links.

To get a flavour of our company have a look here (this will be your first job by the way, as we're part way through a re-design)

CV's etc to [email protected]