In-Design CS2 Formula help


Please help if you can.

We are currently running In-design CS2 (Yes we are WAY behind on the software front!).

What I would like to know (if anyone is able to help) is if it is possible to create a formula within an in-design document that would be able to print the location of the file in question. This is possible in Windows Excel, however I am clueless as to whether there is a plug-in that I could paste into the XML of in-design.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as we are sorting out our filing and are looking at the most efficient and effective ways to make locating our files easier.

Many Thanks,

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I have run two sorts of filing. . . either alphabetical under clients name so: folder for T, containing folder TOPPERS and then inside the folder would be folders; Toppers Business cards, letterheads, compliment slips etc.
Or by Job number - so Toppers Business cards would be 12345, Toppers Letterheadss might be 18643 etc. . . tend to prefer the alphabetical method! Can combine the two - have client files alphabetically then file by job number.

And I stick them on a big drive and back-up the big drive every night. Am looking at backing-up off site just in case! Used to have two premises and the back-up was in the other site. Could go the the Cloud.
Thank you for your response.

We run very similar filing system to you which works very well for us.
However, (I forgot to mention) this is for our company filing which we keep completely separate from our clients.

We are in the process of re-filing everything that we have, be it our own Branding Files or our Account Files we need to have a path on each document that tells us where the document is filed so that anyone can pick up the document and find it easily within our system.

The reason why I need a formula similar to what can be done in Excel is that if for some reason or another a particular file needed to be move, rather than having to manually change the 'printed' path of the file,
in-design would recognise where the file is held and automatically update the path, so that we don't risk the chance of printed out 20,000 letterheads with the wrong file name on the document.

It's very hard to explain without discussing in person but I hope this makes sense.
What youre looking for is a database which documents your companys server system?.... InDesign really is not the tool for the job (The clue is in its name InDesign). For this to work sucessfully you'd need a programming company to create a custom database.

Alternatively (assuming everything is backed up in one place) when you need a file you could just use the computer operating system's search function. It'd be no harder than searching a database then locating the file manually.