Image setter help!!!

Dave Allaway

New Member
Hi we currently do a lot of screen printing, mainly onto waterslide paper, but sometimes Perspex or glass. Over the last few years various materials and processes seem to have been phased out. At the moment we print our positives onto clear via a laser printer. The problem being we are not getting dark enough prints so we end up having to block in the positives by hand. We have been told an imagesetter would be the best route to go, as we have found that inkjet printers leave a fuzzy edge due to the way they print. Can anyone advise further and maybe give me some suggestions on equipment or methods to try. Much appreciated.
If you don't end up buying an imagesetter we would be happy to run a bit of test film for you to see if it is dark enough. We run a lot of film for various screenprinters, there is a film pricelist on our Jupiter Associates Ltd website Film Prices