image quality in my website


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Hello everyone!

I've just built my website in Flash

I've designed my site so that it fits the browser window, this seems to be effecting the image quality of my background images. They are jpegs and have been 'saved for web' in photoshop. I optimized them and set the quality as maximum. When I look at the images in Flash they look fine but that changes when it's uploaded online. The jpeg setting in Flash is also set to maximum.

Any advice you could give me would be great as I'm so nearly finished!

The minute you display those images larger than they have been saved at they're going to pixellate. I think no matter what. Hows about setting the site up so it's centred in the screen or something like that. Or saving the images at a larger size and scaling them a bit in Flash (although I have no idea whether Flash would then compress them - it's been a few years since I used it). That might be worth a quick try.
Thanks for your advice. I've just testing it using pngs and it didn't really make any difference, they were just as pixelated. I've seen lots of websites that use full browser images and the images are lovely and crisp. I think I'll just have to keep trying different formats and settings.


What size are the images you are putting in to flash, 1024x768? If so try putting in a larger one (save it 150% bigger or something like that) and see what happens.
This is only a long shot as I am not a flash website developer but have you smoothing enabled on the image properties within flash? If that's not set it can make the pixelation a lot worst.

Just an idea and I hope it helps, otherwise sure using larger images and then scaled within flash will help.

What's the original size of the images before you imported them into photoshop and then into flash?

Let me know how you get on :)
I gave that a try last night with a couple of my images and it has really improved the quality. It's still not as sharp as I would like but I think that may not be helped by my lack of photography skills. It didn't seem to make much difference whether it was a jpeg or png but the png files were much larger so I think I'll be sticking with jpegs.

I was going to but I couldn't get into my emails last night to check where you said it was, as I couldn't find it in the publish settings options. The images have been saved as bilinear smooth in photoshop but I'll have a look at the properties tonight.

I beleive you will have to set smoothing on each image, but don't hold me to that.

Right click the image within your flash animation library and click properties and select the smoothing option.

Hope this helps you out :)
I've just tried the smoothing option and that seems to have done the trick!! Now I've just got to replace every image on my website with a larger one, fun times! I'll let you know when I've re-uploaded.

I've finally got round to re-uploading my website and the image quality is much much better! It took a few attempts to get the sizes right so that they didn't slow down the loading times too much. There are a couple of blurry pics but that is down to my photography. I'd like to figure out how to stop the menu and description scaling as well because on my 24" work imac they look huge, I'm pretty sure that I need to use Actionscript so I've just got to get my head around that now!