Image effect in photoshop


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Hi Everyone :)

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have seen a image of a album cover online with a fab effect and I would like to achieve this same effect on one of my own images in photoshop. This is the link to image with the effect Any ideas?

Thanks :)

Might be an idea to state which part of the image you're looking at re-creating. Are you referring to the squares breaking off of the face?


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What Arrivals said :icon_smile: But It could be done applying an opacity mask to the key image, masking out critical areas etc. then a new layer with the bricks flying out etc. It's actually not that tricky.

Paul Murray

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Square brush tool with scattering and varying hue should get you the pixel effect. Then it's just a case of masking off the parts of the face you don't need.