Im Such a NOOB!


Probably the most noob mistake, and dumbest question ever.
So iv had a long day been working since 8 this morningand still got another 6 and a half hours to go!

My heads really not in the right place at present.
I started a project for print, and like a noob. I just start designing away
forgetting bleed/safety marks.

Whats the easiest way to add these on, on photoshop/Illustrator

Help would be appreciated

Cheers in advance guys

It completely depends on the artwork itself. In photoshop you will need to enlarge the canvas area to add the bleed and then extend any artwork so that it bleeds to the new canvas size (inclusive of bleed). Place it in illustrator on a page of the original canvas size so the artwork you added bleed bleeds off. Then save your pdf adding bleed crops etc in the 'Save PDF' dialog box.

In illustrator just extend your image where possible/necessary over the edge of your page/artboard size then again add the bleed, crops etc in the 'Save PDF' dialog box.

hth :icon_biggrin: