i'm looking for sports pictograms


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Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I'm working on a series of sports related websites (as owner/developer) and i've had an idea of using pictograms to illustrate the sites, at least the headers, possibly also as icons.

I really like the pictograms used for the olympic games, in particular the ones from 1972:
Olympic Games Pictograms 1972 Munich

Question 1:
Does anyone know of a location on the net where there's a full set of images like these, not neccesarily the same design, it's just that there are a lot more sports than the 20 in the above link.

Question 2:
Considering these are copyright protected could someone give me an indication of the costs for creating a full original set for me, both as small icons, as well as a larger version for website headers. I'm asking this as i really have no idea at all about the cost of this.

Actually i'm only assuming the olympic pictograms are copyright protected, if you know differently please tell me. Alternatively does anyone know of a set that is freely available somewhere. Or possibly at low cost, i know there are a few websites that sell pictures at something like 1 pound a picture. That would do.

thank you,