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I'm looking for a few quotes for a job thats come through to me. I can't do what he's asking but said I'd try and find someone who could. It's for a very big organisation in the UK, and here's the brief.

He's looking for an illustrator to work with to create an illustrated video about using social media. It'd be roughly 3 minutes and would consist of (complete guess) under 100 illustrations. Something basic like this, but nowhere near as long. 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? - YouTube

He already has a producer lined up to put the video together, so just needs the illustrator.

You'd have to be in London to be able to meet up with the client as well as the video producer on various occasions.

This is for the NHS by the way.

Hi, it's tempting, but the trips to London put me off, plus I'd have no idea what to charge.

It could be done by supplying finished drawings and working back from them by deleting bits and editing it that way, and just have a hand moving across
pretending to be drawing. The advantage of that way is that the drawings would look a lot more finished. I think that could work and I would be interested if they went that route.