Illustrator required - animal design


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hi all.

I'm looking for an illustrator for a personal project.

I need someone who can produce an image including animals. I don't like "Spec" work so don't expect you to produce a design before I choose and won't ask for examples of the specific animals I want at this stage, but it includes animals so when providing links to your work, images of animals would be prefered!

I'm interested in "stylised" animals rather than "photo realistic":


Budget is upto GB£150, as a new comer to the forum I am more than happy to use an eskrow service to ensure fairness and guarantee payment - suggestions for a reputable service would be appreciated

Questions welcomed.

Please provide examples of work, your terms and preferred means of working.


Mail: cbfal79 (at) googlemail (dot) com

or message me through this site.
thank you for the replies so far, I will reply to all individually.

perhaps some more detail would be good too.

Th final design will be used on a small run of t-shirts.

I particularly like vector art such as the image above (I'm a big fan of Weebls-stuff but not looking for a clone of his work!)