Illustrator file into indesign issues

Evening all,

I have a created a very detailed drawing in illustrator which has resulted in a large file, which i now wish to place into indesign. When trying to place the ai file it is taking forever and struggling to finish.

Is there a way i can significantly reduce the file size without losing the image quality?

When trying to import a PDF of the file same problem occurs?
Save it as a .ai with a PDF compatible file.

In InDesign - go to Edit>Preferences>Display Performance - and set the Vector to Gray Out or Proxy

Other than that there's not a lot you can do.

Vector heavy files always become a handful.
The only other suggestion I have is to make a JPEG from the file - and insert as a FPO (for position only) - don't forget to relink it to the original Illustrator file before exporting.