Illustrator CS4 problem!


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Hi guys.

I work in CS4 and at the moment am having an issue in Illustrator. For some reason my line tool has turned into an arrow, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it back to the regular line tool!

Any ideas?!
An arrow is a stroke property.

Stroke properties can be set in Window>Stroke and reset the arrow head to none.

However, strokes shouldn't remain selected, especially arrows - I don't think it should anyway.

Try resetting your Illustrator Preferences, restart Illustrator and hold down CTRL ALT SHIFT or on a Mac it's CMD OPT SHIFT.
No problem

On the Line Tool

You see the control panel top of the screen

Line Tool, Custom Shape, "small downward arrow"


Click the tiny arrow

In Photoshop you need to set the size of the arrow before you start _ a bit backwards if you ask me?

In Photoshop CC the Arrow Options are displayed a lot clearer.
Ah, sorted. I set the arrowhead bits to 'End' but was still getting a big fat line, then realised I'd set the width 1 Cm instead of 1 px. Cheers guys.