Illustrator CS problem with missing code!


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Hi all,

I am new to the Forum and have a problem with my Mini Mac OS X. In the summer I installed Snow Leopard and
then found that every time I tried to open my Illustrator CS, it crashed. I then invested in Illustrator CS 4 from Amazon only to find out that having installed the program I had to submit the code for my old CS which I have had for many years and have no record of any code or how important it would be if I ever needed to upgrade. I can only install the new CS 4 on a 30 day trial even though I paid £93.29 for it!

As I am not the most technical when it comes to software can anybody help:

Can I buy, beg or borrow an old CS with a code and use it to upgrade the new CS 4 or can I buy a code! or will I be forced to buy the full version of CS 6 at around £500 + which is far to advanced for my limited skills!

As an 77 year old designer from the old school, any constructive advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your time.