Illustrator CC triangles/paths help!


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Hi guys...

I'd love some help if anyone has a second.

I've got the basics down in Illustrator, but I cannot engage my brain to figure out the solution to this! It must be very simple!

I am updating my personal branding, and part of my logo is as such:

I need all the individual triangles to be their own shape, so I can change the fill colours etc.

Now, I have the main triangle outline, and with the pen tool, drew the pattern on the inside. There are several different paths to make the triangles...maybe this is a problem, and I should do each line individually? I have tried dividing, and ungrouping which works to an extent, but does not separate all of them.

Any ideas on the best way?


I had already tried dividing, as I said... :)

So I guess it must be something I'm doing wrong in the drawing of the triangles, like you say, not intersecting the outline shape. Must every line intersect the outline? I have lines in there of which only one end intersects the outline...
Yes - I wouldn't draw triangles, I'd draw individual lines.

And they all should intersect the outline
Ahhh, I see! I was over complicating it by trying to add to the outline paths rather than just dissecting them!

Very simple, and I can refine the inside by deleting the extra anchor points! Fabby! Thanks so much for your help!

Said it would be simple :D Brainfart Wednesday, that's my excuse