Illustrative Postcards

Matthew Crowe

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I'm new to these forums so hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place. I wanted to share some illustrative postcards I created for a company called 'Jordans'. They wanted to promote where they operate business around the globe to their clients an opted for the postcard route.

The Jordans Group are basically a team of lawyers, accountants etc who wanted to go off brand a little whilst promoting their company.

Here is how they turned out.




I don't like to selfishly promote myself but the full project can be found on behance here:

Hope you like it :) This was the first time I had the chance to do some illustrative work in this style.
Hi Matthew,

They look great! I love illustration and always think I should have gone down that route, but I was always interested in so many different things, and illusration is fairly time consuming so it got left behind =(

You've captured the "postcard" feel really well, but it's fresh and modern. And they certainly represent the places they are for.

Nice work =)

Impressive debut to the community! :icon_cheers:

I really like these - good work!

Ambitious for a legal/trusts/insight group. I like how each postcard reflects the location, nicely detailed and interesting choice of colour.
However the logo positioning, I believe should be consistent throughout all designs, like at the top or bottom.
I think they are superb, I really do. Agree with the comment above about the logo positioning. The drop shadow of the British Virgin Islands font is a bit too much for me, it stands off the page too much. And if I was to be super critical and fussy, when I read 'Postcards' I instantly imagined seeing your work in the more commonly seen landscape format for postcards, with the extra thick white boarder at the bottom. But the fact that they are different could be a good thing, they could just as easily be posters at a larger scale.
Very nice work! They are posters of course, rather than postcards, in that format. Prefer the round ones myself.