Illustrations products for clothing brand


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Hi all,

I am setting up a new clothing brand relation to fitness industry. Currently, I do not have enough money to model the products which are intended to be released. Therefore, I have come up with a few ideas which I think can allow me to provide a near enough accurate representation of how the products will look.

To use these style of illustrations such as:

- Adjust the colour to which it needs to be and place a design on it.

I have noticed more realistic type of design and was wondering if these are actual done on green screen or illustrator? (probably more like this)


Hi Dee, the latter examples you linked are probably the result of Photoshop work. The backgrounds and models will have been removed digitally leaving only the product. If money is tight you could see about buying/renting/borrowing/scrounging a shop display dummy from somewhere and photographing the products on that. Check sites like Gumtree, the Loot, etc, occasionally you'll find amazing bargains you wouldn't expect.

Whilst mock ups will serve a purpose, there's a lot to be said for the power of good product photography, so getting your products shot professionally to really show them off should be a priority. As a consumer I always like to see as much detail in a product shot as I can. I also like to be able to zoom in and see a larger version of the shot. What does the material look like, how is the stitching, etc? This reinforces my desire to own the product. I'd be less tempted to buy something that's represented only as an illustration, unless I were buying for example a t-shirt with a design on it.