Illustration ideas - Stuck in the Mud - 1930s Depression Fashion - Dorothy from Oz -


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I have been given an assignment to try and depict how Dorothy would look like given the above era of Fashion.

I currently am no good at drawing or illustration, but my construction methods are what carry me through.

Does anybody have any tips or ideas of how i can put this together please?

I have to do 2 Mood Boards and show how i have arrived at my design.

Not asking for it to be done by others, but just to have some idea of how I should think outside the box.

thanks for reading...


Research Dorothy from Oz.

Research 1930s Depression Fashion.

Draw both.

Combine as you see fit.
Hi thanks

But was looking for any ideas that someone may have seen, or give some idea of where we can daw some inspiration from.

Thanks for the reply though.
Yes, I thought Wizard of Oz was set in the 1930s :S However the original novel was written 1900.

Perhaps you could incorporate a style of illustration that will affect how people view it. For example, mimicking the kind of style you would associate with 1930s illustrations, or mimicking the kind of photography that one might associate with the 1930s Depression (A Photo Essay on the Great Depression), since I believe the kind of clothing etc. we already associate with Dorothy is fairly close to that which we associate with the Depression era.