ICC Profile and Printing Advice Needed


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In my graphic design program I’m working in a CMYK color space.
I’ll be outsourcing all the printing to Printify or Gelato when I’m done
with my work. But, before I send them my finished art files I wanted
to do some “test prints” here at home on my old Dell Photo 926 inkjet. Test for color
accuracy and luminance. See if I’m “somewhat” in the ballpark or not.
I’ll be getting my monitor color calibrated soon too.

Well anyways…..at print, i’ll be setting up my graphic design program to handle all color management and bypass the printer driver.
At this point, my graphic design program asks for ……….a “printer profile”. I know that this has to do with
choosing a specific paper, ink and printer combination for increased color and luminance accuracy. ICC profiles.

From here i have 2 questions.

1. If I can’t get the ICC profiles being used by Printify or Gelato’s print services……should I just set the “printer profile”
option in my graphic design program to the CMYK color space that I designed in? It gives me the option to do that.
Then print on my desired paper weight from there?

2. If I can get the ICC profiles……and I print using their profiles
(and their profiles are probably gonna be for Canon or Epson with pigment based ink) how good
of an idea will i still be getting as far as color accuracy and luminance on my dye based Dell?

What proofing method and guidelines would you recommend that i do with the printer that i have on hand?

Thanks Everybody!