I was a d*ck


New Member
Hello, I regret to do this again, but i dont want any members to get the wrong idea. I previously made a thread that was a bit arrogant and i have appologised for this and regret it. I dont wish for users to get the wrong idea of me from that post. I am here because of my interest of graphic design and i would appreciate if everyone could give me a clean slate as i intend to continue using the site. thanks
Hi Callum

I think everyone here has probably posted something on a forum that they have thought "maybe I shouldn't have posted that" so no problem, nice of you to apologise. They are a good bunch here so I'm sure we can all group hug and make up!:icon_thumbup:
Hey Callum,

I think that we all at some point type before we think. Its often hard to convey things on a (mostly) faceless forum!

Doesn't matter what you did, its how you're contributing now that counts. You'll just have to work extra hard now hehe :icon_tongue_smilie:

Hey Callum. Fair play on manning up and admitting your faults. Catch you around the forums, all is obviously forgiven, take it easy.