I need to change the link under my website address


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I am a complete novice but my friend and I have managed to build a website with zen cart that works probably with more luck than judgement and a lot ofgoogling !!

the site was built under a domain name and the zen cartadded (URL is www....../shop etc) and it was all OK but since then we have had tochange our name so we set up the new domain name which is on a seperate server loginetc – the “shop” button goes to the original shop name link and that’sfine. The problem is when looking for the site with key words in google,the website name has the shop link underneath it and it goes straight to theshop and we want it to go the actual site first – we have looked at php filesand if we change the HTTP SERVER, the shop disappears, we need some technicalknow how !

google picks up on some of the other pages (ie. contact us)and takes you to those pages which you can get back to the home page of thewebsite but ideally I want our customers to go to our website first and havethe option to shop if they want

Also I would like to know how to put all of our pages asheadings underneath the main website like below – is this done through EZ pages?

I really would be grateful for any advice/information youcan help me with so I can put this bed and get on with trying to make a successof the business which at the moment as the website can only be found if you putthe address in the URL is not the start I wanted

thanks again

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I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is a way you can make Google links divert to particular pages on your site, without redirecting everyone who goes onto that page (which would make the shop entirely inaccessible and, therefore, a disaster!).

As for having links beneath the main result, I'm sure I read once that Google generates these for particular websites and that it isn't something you can just choose to have e.g. Amazon is such a global, popular site that Google can know to add extra links and so on.
dedwardp is absolutely right. You can't pick and choose what Google links to and how it links. Everything is created automatically. The only thing you can do is to request to have links removed using Webmaster Tools.