I need a Logo

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Hiya Folks.

first post so a big HELLO,

I own a courier company. And i'm after a Logo.


Well I have a few questions as I have no idea how the process works.

What happens if I pay a company to design a logo and they come back with 3 or 5 logos that i just dont like.
I wouldnt want them to keep designing indefinetly but i also wouldnt want to accept a logo I would never use.

I presume you guys get this all the time.

I also assume the job gets harder depending on the comapny name.

How would you guys go about picking a design company if you were on the outside.

The way I work with logos is generally discuss with the client what he is looking for and then base my designs on that. After the first round of sketches, I continue my work based on the clients feedback. The approach works well for me and my clients so far!
Thanks for the offers guys,

I have now Employed the services of a member. So lets hope i dont become his worst customer to date.:icon_scared:
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