I have an interview for a trainee artworker position. What should I expect?


Hi guys!

I thought it's worth running this by you guys for advice and to be as best prepared as I can be for this. I got a call from a recruitment agancy asking me if I was available for an interview on Friday for a trainee artworker @ a packaging pre press company. I asked the recruiter if I needed to bring anything with me thinking I might need to bring samples of work but he said to just bring myself. This is the first time I have gone to an interview for this kind of role without having to bring my book with me. Is this usual? This must be an informal interview, right? Should I dress smart (suit) or smart casual (smart jeans, smart shirt & shoes)? What should I expect? I read 'trainee artworker' as 'jnr. artworker', is that correct? I did email the recruiter about my queries but he is in Madrid apparently so he might not get back to me.

Anyhoo, any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance :)
You wouldn't need a portfolio as it's not a creative role.

It's basically taking in other designers work and preparing it for the printing presses. You'll probably be given a computer with a PrePress check routine installed on it and have to sift through files all day, finding problems and fixing them before they hit the press.

As it's a trainee role, you'll probably be sitting with someone, running files back and forth or going to the floor with queries, and occasionally used as a runner for the office.

However, it's not* unusual for some design work to be done, so perhaps when they're really busy and need a hand with some design work you should definitely chirp in with an offer to help out, taking on smaller jobs so that the senior designers can concentrate on the bigger jobs.

Hope that makes sense.