I had a job interview....

Pixels Ink

Well, I had a job interview today for the position of in-house graphic designer at the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI | Welcome to SCRI)

The money is bloody good and it will be a stable wage (unlike this self employed malarkey) and its flexi time.

I'll still be keeping Pixels Ink up and running but I'll be cutting back on the amount of projects I take on and be more choosy about what I take on.

Interview went very well and will hopefully get some good news next week :icon_dunno:

Be weird working for someone else again but the guys seem real nice.

Fingers crossed! :icon_hide:
Good luck Col, I hope you get it.

It can be quite stressful being self employed and will probably be a nice change for you. If you can keep pixels ink going like you said and it doesn't work out then you have something to fall back on.

Keep us posted.
Thats the plan mate. Give the job a go and if its good stick with it, if not, then I have Pixels Ink to start up full time again but not from scratch.
Good for you. I have to say, it's tiring doing two jobs but you'll find the right balance, I'm sure.
Yup, always have done. I'm a photographer for one of the UK's biggest companies. I also do a little GD. ;)
Well, the new forum's kinda turned it on its ass - but it'll settle again, doubtless! :icon_biggrin:
No, and the delay is killing me!

I can't take on any big jobs as I don't know if I'll be able to put the time in.

I would just like to know either way so i can make decisions about work :)
Unlucky mate, their loss!

Maybe time for a big push to really make a success of Pixels Ink?

P.S Your website says new site in development, when will this be launched? what changes/additions have you made??
I have a meeting next week with some marketing consultants, final decisions will be made then as to how the new website will be planned out :)

At the moment its in bits!