HUION 580 Professional Art Graphics Drawing Tablet 8"x5"?


Dear graphic designers - I have a question.

My boyfriend is a graphic designer, but he had his home-based graphics tablet stolen during a burglary. I want to get him one to replace it - at least temporarily, as I can't afford the top of the market and knowing him he'll want to save up to buy a Wacom Pro eventually.

I don't know anything about graphic design (I work as a writer and can't draw to save my life) but from the research I've done it looks like touch sensitivity is the most important thing? Is this right? He tends to draw pencil designs/quite complex looking things, so it seemed he'd need something very accurate.

I can't afford a Wacom Intuos, except used Intuos 1/2/3s, which seem like they might be out of date.

So I looked at the HUION 580 Professional Art Graphics Drawing Tablet 8"x5", which has 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity (the same as the latest Wacom Pro). I'm nervous of buying a Huion product, though, because although I've only vaguely heard of them and I'm not sure if I might be buying him something that will fall apart!

If I was going to be safe and stick to Wacom, I'd probably have to get him a Bamboo, or an early Intuos. But the Bamboos only have 1024 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, and I'm worried this won't be accurate enough for him.

My boyfriend currently works as a sign-writer, by the way, so it's always pencil-drawings and sometimes it's quite fiddly.

Which one would you buy?

Would you say it would be frustrating for someone above entry level? He's been working as a graphic designer for over a decade and he's about to go freelance. I was initially decided on the Bamboo but after reading some reviews about the lack of accuracy, I started to worry that it would be unusable for some of the things he does and especially the things he will go on to do when he takes on his own clients.
I've been working in the industry for a similar length of time. The Bamboo was my first venture into tablets, so I have nothing to compare it to but working both in photoshop and illustrator with it has been fine.
Wonderful, thanks. I believe he mostly uses illustrator, so if you have had no issues I'm sure he won't either!

Which Bamboo is it that you have? I believe there's a few varieties.

And has anyone had experience with Huion technology? Is it cheap and nasty or a fair alternative?
Mine is one of the older ones that's just a pen (no finger touching). At the time I bought it there were 2 or 3 to chose from I think but the one I went for was the cheapest (About £50 I think). Looking at the Wacom site, they seem to have redesigned it and slimmed the bamboo range down to 1 model available in 4 colours.
Hi all, thanks for all your help.

After reading this:

....I actually decided to go for the next Huion model up from the one in the title of this thread: the H610. The same reviewer later turned his back on Monoprice when this tablet came out, apparently (FRENDEN • Huion H610, K58, and W58 Tablet Review Round-up), and it seems to be being compared with Wacom technology at every turn.

Hopefully it will work out ok! I'll come back and post feedback on it after Christmas, once the boyfriend has had a chance to use it.
Thanks all for your help.

After reading this:

....I actually decided to go for the Huion model that's one model up from the Huion in the thread title: the H610. The same reviewer turned his back on the Monoprice in favour of this - FRENDEN • Huion H610, K58, and W58 Tablet Review Round-up - and I keep reading reviews comparing them to Wacom technology...

So hopefully this will work out ok! I'll try to come back and post feedback after Christmas when he's had a chance to use it.
I've been using an old Intuos 3 for years and still going strong (you might get a decent second-hand one), but from what I've heard the Bamboo is perfectly fine for professionals.