HTML Help needed!


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Hi Guys,
Am just learning HTML using text edit on MAC.
My problem is - and excuse my ignorance - but having created a home page - how do I make further pages for 'Contact', 'About' etc?
Do I create a new TextEdit document?

All help greatly appreciated -

If I was going to be using the same page layout then I would simply copy 'home.html' (or whatever you've called it) and then rename my new, pasted file to 'contact.html'.

Open it up, change the title or something and then there's your new page.

Make sure that the name of your new page is the same as whatever you've linked to it as in the initial home page though!
Hi, and thanks for your input, however, I understand about the layout being the same - what I don't get is 'where' to paste it?
In my TextEdit file, where I have completed my home page, and closed the html, would I paste it underneath? Or begin a new TextEdit file and link it to that?

Thanks again!
In the folder where you've said your file - presumably when you saved it in TextEdit it was to something such as, 'home.html'.

In the folder where home.html is located, simply copy the file to create a duplicate in the folder, rename it to contact.html or something similar and then open up this new file to edit too.