HP Q6455A Color Laserjet 2600N


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Hi there,

We have recently got hold of an HP Q6455A Color Laserjet 2600N printer. It seems in pretty good condition. It turns on, connects to the network and can be found by our macs / pcs.

What it does have is some colour issues which we don't know mean the printer is broken and needs a repair, or if it requires replacement cartridges. 4 of the 5 cartridges are pretty much full, about 3/4's full - all accept for yellow which is about 1/4 full. The date on the back of each cartridge is 2011.

We have done one print and although the document should have an array of colour, only cyan and black are coming out. No sign of magenta or yellow. We have done a printer clean and it comes out fine.

Is this something to do with the magenta / yellow cartridges? Although both do have available ink in, could they have dried out? I know the people we got the printer off havn't used it in a while and have had it sat in a cupboard for quite some time.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.