Hp designjet 130nr poster paper?


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Hi all

new to the site so be gentle with me!

I was wondering what paper others use for poster printing. Im looking at A1, and they will mainly be basic advertising posters for shops, indoor. Im thinking a semi-gloss/coated paper as they will be in colour rather than a matte? Ive been looking at the hP range, obviously cost will play a major part in the decision. Current clients want something that looks nice and shiny with a crisp colour but are not that bothered about anything more technical or too expensive!

Any recommendations greatly welcomed.

thanx in advance

Papergraphics do some good papers, as do Oce.

I'm using Papergraphics PPP for most poster work, and Oce Quick Dry Satin and Gloss for higher end work. Not cheap products but good all rounders, I don't like stocking lots of types/weights etc.