How's this for a question?


This email just came through for me:

Hi John

i have a customer who is doing her own artwork and asked if i can send her through the specs she needs to set the artwork up i have the finished size but i think she needs all the other stuff could you send me them through please

one is a brochure 68pp and the other is a 13pp tent calendar both will be run digital full colour can you send me the file type and specs for these please

Julie (names changed to protect the inept)​

The (funnier) thing about this is that it's from a printer. A printer that I do design work for who you would think would know this, or at least would ask a proper question. What could I possibly say? Eejits! :icon_confused:

Very odd. Is it a new (and very lazy) member of staff?

If one of my team sent that email I would reluctantly re-introduce the death penalty.