How would I get a job as a 3d modeller (graphic design) in the UK?

Jac Harries

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I'm 15 years old from Wales and I'm really into 3d modelling/ a bit of animation. Here is my latest project:

I'm wondering how would I get a job in modelling for example, how would I find a company/ studio hiring modellers, what type of university should I attend and what would I need to apply? I've also heard that you need a lot of experience before starting a job in this field so how would I find work experience or how much/ what experience would I actually need?
Hi Jac, 15 years old and 3D modelling with a cool "Spyrot" model is a great story to tell prospect employers and lectures.

Also I initially thought your video on your portfolio was to 'hype' your skills in 3D modelling using "Spyrot" but it mostly shows your execution than the cutting-edge of your work. Your inspiration should follow stuff like this:

As you may know 3D modelling is a specialist job, you see 3D in television adverts, idents, retail, engineering, gaming, manufacturing, architecture, film, visual effects, etc.

Have a look at Escape Studios based in London; lovely building, full of technology and talented teachers from the business. Perhaps after University, book yourself an open day!
Escape Studios | The Visual Effects Academy
Good video. I don't know much about 3d modelling though.

However, look up 3d modelling studios in your area and approach them for some role as an intern or along those lines.
Look for motion graphics studios. They typically have staff who solely work on 3D stuff. You may find it's not all exciting projects to work on, as the bulk of the work will likely be advertising/corporate.