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Hi guys...

Take a look at this website > Widgets

Do you see the feedback link to the right of the page and how it stays in position when scrolling up and down? How would I do something similar, basically just a little image that does exactly the same with regards to position, no link or anything just some alt text when hovered over.

Any ideas?
Bosshog it sounds like you are adding the code to the wrong part. Just asked my hubby to read this and he reckons that it would probably be best to insert it into the header or footer template (which transfers across all the pages sitewide anyway and includes the site's boundaries) then all you need to do is adjust the css accordingly for the positioning (This is assuming you are talking about coding a vB forum, you haven't said...).

The banner table/template on the right hand side that you mentioned will have it's own css code that wouldn't reach to the edge of the forum that you are looking for - ie it would position itself within the limits of that table/template.

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks for that, still no joy, it was for my website not the forum, will have to keep looking for a solution.

Thanks again...
I am a bit of a hacker that fiddles with things like that until they come right - I am sure you will figure it out ;0)
You want a static image...? Use your CSS to make the image fixed. So you would do something like this.

#Blah {
image-position: fixed; 
Something along those lines.

that way even when your website is scrolling that image will remain fixed. Without the HTML and CSS of your site I can't really go into much more detail.

What I will say is if you have any problems with coding again. it's best practice to add your HTML and CSS to the forums. That way we can view what your problem is straight away. Hope that helps.
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