How to reduce the size of my flash movie???


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How to reduce the size of my flash movie???I made a movie and it came out as 1.80MB I need it to be around 300-400 k in the worst case.

Do you know how to save it smaller or to reduce the size manually?


go to File>Publish Settings...>

Then on the flash tab you can adjust the quality of your bitmaps and mp3s used in the movie. Also try using vectored graphics instead of bitmaps. And try not to use as many effects such as gradients etc
You can generate a size report which will let you see what parts of your movie is taking up the space and then concentrate on reducing those elements
In flash go:

File, Publish Settings, (then make sure your on the Flash tab) and under the section called advanced there should be a check box that says "Generate size report". After you check it just press the publish button at the bottom and your done.