How to make the first link with a printer?


Hey there guys I've been reading so many threads on this sub-forum and have learned more yesterday than months of college last year :icon_tongue_smilie:! My question is this; when you're just starting out how do you make a good relationship with printers?

It strikes me that i could be offering more services if i had a good printer up my sleeve, but at the moment don't really have much work to able to 'test' various different printers. is it impossible to suss them out without having them print stuff for you (hope that doesn't seem to ridiculous). I'm in Birmingham for the summer and will be in London at uni from September.

my printing experience so far has really only been as a student in London, where i found some nice guys, who were pretty new at it and haphazard and lot of people didn't give me any time as a way a student. I've never tried printing online so maybe that's something to think about too? I don't know.

Thanks for your time guys!
I'd arrange a meeting with say three local printers and ask for a quick run through of the products they have produced and the equipment they have.

Then ask for sample prices of three typical product specs (which you can benchmark).
good call Minuteman, I was wondering whether going in and asking for samples made them feel you were wasting their time (especially because I'm still pretty young) but I'll defiantly give it a go. would you avoid online printing then? anyone else? :)
Hi there,

We are a reputable company who offer fantastic quality as well as competitive prices. I'd be happy to send you some samples and perhaps talk about some future work with you?

PM or email me at [email protected]
Hi Daytona,

I'd be less interested in samples (every job is different) - instead I'd ask them to talk through work done, sit with them - get an idea of what's possible.

Online companies -absolutely. Find companies that appear easy to work with and have flexibility - who is good at what? You may shortlist several.

I was a print buyer for years - so have been where you are!

Best wishes

When looking for a printer, you cant actually go far wrong with the members of this forum. I've worked with a few of them now and trust them completely with my artwork.

You'll find that most printers offer a very similar spec to each other regarding types of card used and turnaround so it's really a case of finding two or three with a good reputation and let them get on with it. I say two or three, as some printers can be slightly cheaper on somethings and slightly more expensive on others so until you get a feel for which of your suppliers does what it's good to get a comparison.
Well, i need to get some business cards printed for myself, and some done for a client so there's two jobs right there. and Bigdave i'm sure you're right about the people on here. If anyone wants to do some shameless self promotion on here, i'll check out your sites:icon_wink:

otherwise i'll take your advice and look locally.