How to Make a Cup of Tea

Nice job; attractive and well paced. Just a few minor changes I'd have liked to see:

1. Water to flow through the final bit of the tap (as it does out of the kettle spout)
2. Water level in kettle and milk in bottle to remain horizontal.
3. Maybe visible liquid in cup (with appropriate colour changes, although I get why you haven't done this)

Picky, I know, but there you go. And as I say, overall very good.
Hey Dave.

Thanks a lot :) Yeah, I think eventually I get around to tweaking a few things like that. I'll probably have the level in the milk and kettle reduce as it's poured too.
The visible liquid in the cup, yeah, it's a good little technique for hiding glitches/workaround for some tricky animation stuff.

Thanks a lot for the kind words.
I always put my milk in before anything! :)

Thanks for the kind words Peter.

I put the milk in first, too!

Same as before really, I liked everything from the WIP version and it's just been expanded here. Aside from the animation, I particularly liked the end vector of the tea, thought it looked really smart.
Thanks a lot :)
I really like that last vector shot of the coffee and steam too. I'm tempted to run with it as an idea for something else.