How To List Things?

Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone,

I offer graphic and web design services. In my portfolio, I have them sorted as general, so you can view all my projects at once.

When a client has asked for a logo and a website, what would you lead with? I keep getting torn between having all the logos as the thumbnail images, and then all the projects inside, but then, I didn't do all the logos.

Confused :icon_Wall:
What about when all I've been tasked with is a website and a small header for it?
Or a quick freshen of an old logo?
If you've got them all sorted in one menu I'd do it like this.

For projects that you've done logo/branding and website, use the logo for thumbnail. Then the website inside it. Are you going to put tags underneath each image? Branding/ Website etc..?

For projects that you've designed a website, plus banners, use a thumbnail of the site, with the banners inside it.

I always order things like this.

Logo/branding, stationary, website, print.
No bother, so the Tasty Treats, even thought it was just some kerning and a colour change, would you use the logo for the thumbnail?