How to improve the SEO of my website?

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Noah Daniel

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I have a website with 50 articles. It was getting good impressions and clicks in Google Search Console. But for the past three days, my website impressions dropped to 0 and there are no clicks. What should I do? Here is my website link - link removed, it feels like it spam


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Honestly, no idea, google has been changing their algorithms of late and it's entirely possible you've done something which has broken it too, you don't give any info about what you've been doing in those past few days.
Maybe a technical checkup would help? Check your XML sitemap. See if it's up to date and properly submitted to search engines.
If it's good, backlinking^ and sharing your website contents via socmed might help.
There can be several issues
Might be your site got affected by an update, or might your site went unresponsive i mean here server / hosting issues.
Inspect Pages with google search console and do a audit with google web spider.
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